About me

Hi I’m Catherine, I’m an enthusiastic but not entirely competent crafter, baker.

Last year I got married, and being both single minded and tight I vowed to make as much for the wedding a possible. I viewed this was the biggest craft project of my life, in part because we were on a budget, but also I’m a bit of a control freak. Either way I learnt a lot from my craftsicapades and thought I’d share a few tips of what to do (and what not to do).

I really believe that anyone can make their own decorations all you need is time and persistence – and 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls to help keep you sane. Making your own decorations is so much more personal, can help save you money and gives you endless smug points. It also helped me to channel all my pre wedding excitement into something productive, instead of becoming a bridezilla and falling out with all my friends and family as is tradition.

It doesn’t matter if the final result is a bit rough round the edges, you don’t live in a magazine and it will be a hundred times better because you made it – even if it’s terrible, especially if it’s terrible – because it’s yours. So time to channel your 10-year-old self and start creating masterpieces anyone would be proud to stick to the fridge.

Now, let’s go make some stuff!

Catherine aged 28 3/4


Cast of characters

There are a few names that may crop up along the way of various fabulous people, but to help you put names to faces.

SamSam – my husband, who was genuinely interested in the first 6 of the 111 paper flowers I made, and then made a valiant attempt at showing interest in the rest. Thanks Sam.





Blue bridesmaid dressesThe girls – Lucie, Lucy, Sarah and Rachel, who helped rein me in when I went a bit too insane with the scale of my ambitions.




Black kittens and flowersBruce & Clarence – my cats, they more hindered then helped as Clarence did eat several of my paper flowers. Still cute though.