Make your own animal wedding favours

Animal favours

Cute and quirky these animal wedding favours can add a bit of fun and will fit into any colour scheme. Your guests will love them as toys turn everyone into big kids.

We had these on our big day, and there were some heated conversations about who got to keep the wombat on one table in particular! I seem to remember spending most of the night with a giraffe perched on the edge of my champagne glass, so they can serve a practical drink identifying purpose too.

You will need:

  • Gloves
  • Newspaper or cardboard – something to protect you floor
  • A sunny day, and lots of time
  • Spray paint
  • A range of plastic toys – whether this is animals, dinosaurs, robots – the sky is the limit.


Step one

Protect the area! Spray paint gets everywhere, I still have a blue patch on my patio. I recommend using flattened cardboard as a base as it won’t get soggy with the paint like newspaper will.

Step two

Lay your animals flat and do a fine coat with your spray paint, remember to get all the angles you can. It’s better to do several thin coats of paint then fewer thick coats.

Step three

Leave your animals to dry for about an hour. It probably doesn’t need this long but I found it was better to be on the safe side.  You need them to be completely dry before you turn them or start a second coat.

Step four

Turn your animals over and spray the other side. Leave to dry again.

Step five

You will have missed bits, there will be sections between legs or behind antlers. If this is the case pick up your animal and fill in the gaps. MAKE SURE YOU ARE WEARING GLOVES!

And you’re done!

Why not match your animal favours to handmade paper flowers for the full DIY bride experience?

Animal wedding favours Animal wedding favours


This was the most frustrating part, make sure you store your animals so that they aren’t touching one another as they can take the paint of each other. My animals spent a good two months prior to the wedding standing in formation on a tray on top of a bookcase.

Animal wedding favours
The stash of wedding favours we found the next day.

A few of the children at the wedding went round the tables and poached a lot of the animals. We found the stash the next day…

I later turned these into Christmas decorations so your creations can have a life after the wedding.

Where to buy your animals

The hardest thing was sourcing the animals. Each of our tables represented continents, as a self-confessed wildlife nerd I wanted to make sure that the animals on each table could be found on the respective continent.

B & M do inexpensive tubs of animals, they only seem to have the farm animal tub online but they had dinosaurs and safari animals in store.

Ebay was the best bet for more unique animals, I got the penguins and ocean wildlife from there.

The Australian animals were the trickiest I ended up buying them from an Australian toyshop that didn’t ship internationally. Luckily I had a friend in Brisbane who was headed home soon so she bought them back for me.

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