Chocolate holly

Christmas is a time for eating, baking, feeding people then eating some more. Make any baked goods feel festive by adding chocolate holly – perfect for Christmas.

First Step – source and clean your holly, I trimmed a sizeable twig off a holly bush in the garden. Cut more leaves then you require as once created they are very fragile so it’s a good idea to factor in some breakage! Next, snip your leaves off the main stem and wash your holly with hot soapy water. Be careful – this can be prickly work but very important as you don’t want muddy chocolate!

Make sure each leaf is thoroughly dry before moving onto the next step.

Next – melt your chocolate in a baine-marie. I used white chocolate for this one as I was making a dark chocolate cake and wanted the contrast, but you can use dark or milk chocolate – better yet do a mix of all thee!

Chocolate holly recipe Christmas cake

Leave the chocolate to cool for 5-10 mins, so it’s still runny but slightly less drippy. Using a pastry brush paint a thin layer on the underside of each leaf. Using the matte side of the leaf will give better definition in the finished product, as you’ll get the veins in the leaves as well as the shape. Pop them in the fridge for a couple of hours until they are properly set.

Very carefully – peel off the chocolate from the actual leaf, expect some breakage – if you have some spare melted chocolate you can try and glue them back together but overmaking is probably a safer option.

Decorate, and enjoy! I used a bit of buttercream from the filling to hold the chocolate holly in place. (You can find the cake recipe here). 

?May your cakes be fluffy and light,

and may all your Christmases bake right?

Chocolate holly recipe Christmas cake

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