Glitter animal Christmas tree decorations

Add a cute and unique touch to your Christmas tree with these DIY glitter animal Christmas tree decorations. A great way to upcycle old toys and turn them into something fabulous.

I had approximately 40 plastic animal wedding favours left over from our Wedding, and thought they would make a great festive addition to the Christmas tree. Plus it’s a fun way to add a bit of character to your ornaments and nothing is more festive than a Christmas duck-billed-platypus!

You will need:

  • A drill with a thin drill bit
  • Screw eye hooks – I used these from B&Q
  • Plastic/rubber animals. You could also use cars, dinosaurs – the sky’s the limit
  • Glitter
  • Spray glue
  • Rubber gloves
  • String
  • An empty plastic tub with a lid big enough to comfortably fit your ornament

DIY homemade glitter animal Christmas decorations

Step 1

Put down newspaper and thoroughly cover the area you are working in – glitter gets everywhere!

Step 2

CAREFULLY drill a small hall in the top of your animal and twist in the screw eye hook.

Step 3

Decide which colour glitter you wish to use and pour this into your plastic tub.

Step 4

Put on your gloves and hold the ornament by the hook. Cover it all over with a thin layer of glue (use manufacturer’s for ventilation/application instructions). This can be a bit tricky when there are legs/horns/tails etc but it’s important to be thorough at this stage.

Step 5

Drop the ornament into the tub with glitter. Pop on the lid – make sure it’s tightly sealed – then shake! This should ensure that there is a fine layer of glitter covering the ornament.¬† Remove from the tub and then leave on your newspaper to dry completely.

Step 6

Thread your ribbon or twine through the hook and hang on your Christmas tree!

?A festive song…?

O Christmas camel?, O Christmas camel ?,

you humps look – so great in pink.

A Christmas elephant?, A Christmas elephant?

you’re far more festive than one would think¬†?

DIY homemade glitter animal Christmas decorations

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