Maternity sewing

Throughout my pregnancy I’ve resisted the urge to make myself a new maternity wardrobe. After all the shelf life of said garments is rather short and I prefer to make items that will last instead of adding to the ‘disposable’ ideas about fashion. That being said I have made three garments for myself while growing a human and have got a lot of use out of all three, I was careful to pick patterns that would work postpartum and remain wardrobe staples when baby is here.

Mama Joni dress – Tilly and the Buttons

Tilly and the Buttons Joni dress with maternity hack

In the Tilly and the Buttons book ‘Stretch’ there is a hack for altering the Joni dress to make it maternity friendly. It’s a pretty simple yet effective hack – just adding 10cm to the front skirt so it will stretch over growing bump. The idea is that one can re-hem it post baby and the dress can live on.

I would say that it’s only in the final weeks of my pregnancy that I’ve actually needed the 10cm at the front, I made the dress at about 6 months and it did look a bit droopy at the front the first few times I wore it. I think potentially 7cm may have worked for me, may re-hem it… probably won’t!

Despite being at my biggest over winter I have had a lot of use out of this dress, as I did the long sleeve option it works well with thick tights and boots but work equally well with sandals in the summer.

Kielo wrap dress – Named Clothing

This pattern isn’t technically a maternity pattern so had a life before baby and will have one after bump has come into the world. There are tonnes of reviews on this pattern so will keep this brief, I cropped it to the knee, partly to save on fabric and partly because I find this a more wearable length.

Good things…

Given the cut it’s a quick and easy sew, plus it doesn’t need any fitting which is always a bonus!

Really easy to wear and it’s a block colour it was easy to dress up/down with a cardie and a statement necklace.

Not sew good things…

I loved wearing the dress pre-pregnancy (I was actually pregnant at the time but didn’t know this), as it nips in the waist really well and has a flattering and unusual shape. Plus because it’s jersey it looks great but is super comfy #SecretPajamas. However – I didn’t like wearing it second trimester – I found that I didn’t have enough ‘bump’ to counteract the gathers at the front so it just made me feel a bit fat rather than glam as it did later and earlier in pregnancy.

Stella joggers – Tilly and the Buttons

Now these are obviously the item I’ve worn the most! Didn’t actually hack this pattern at all just made them a size up from my normal TATB size (although I don’t think this was actually necessary) and wear them slung under bump for the time being – will wear them higher when I have a waist again! They are super cosy made with a sweat-shirting fleece and are generally put on within about 3 seconds of coming through my front door.

Because we’re super adorable (read very lame) the husband and I actually have matching Stella joggers now and I regret nothing. Perfect for winter evenings bump or no bump! I have just enough remnants of both pieces of sweat-shirting to make some for baby so we may have to have a family joggers portrait at some point!

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