Rainbow Nordic triangles quilt

I loved making this stashbusting graphic Nordic triangles quilt by Suzy Quilts. I’m a sucker for a rainbow quilt and this was no exception. As this isn’t that technically challenging a pattern I also wanted to time myself to see how long this took to construct. I’m not the speediest of sewers but was interested to know, after 20 hours of sewing I stopped counting! So the answer to ‘how long did this take to make?‘ is, as always ‘a bloomin’ long time!’.

Gathering fabric

Feeling inspired by this beautiful Lemony Quilts ombré Nordic Triangles layout and wanted to achieve a similar affect but with a full range of colours. I began by cutting 5 inch squares from my scraps collection and laid them out to make rainbow. I had a few ‘gaps’ in the spectrum so did then have to go and buy a dark blue fat quarter and the dark green to help make the rainbow.

This was a true stash buster as the only ‘new’ fabric I purchased for the top was two FQs, the rest were scraps left from other projects. Also I used fabric from a Mimi blouse I made last year that was a complete disaster. I thoroughly enjoyed hacking it up and re-purposing the fabric to make half square triangles! The white is actually a bed sheet, which no longer fits any of the beds we own – so to the cutting board it went! With this in mind I decided to splash out on something a bit special for the back so found a gorgeous rose gold spot from John Lewis which helped turn this into a full on glittery rainbow spectacular!

Rainbow half square triangles nordic triangles quilt

As I had different amounts of each colour I knew that the final placement would be a bit of a head scratcher, so I over made half square triangles so there was a bit of flexibility in where how to lay everything out when the time came.

Rainbow half square triangles nordic triangles quilt

Putting it all together

As I thought laying this out was a bit of a nightmare – there were far too many options. I trialled laying the colours in rows, in blocks, on a diagonal in the end I went for a bit of a hybrid. I do really enjoy this stage of putting together a quilt though, it’s like it’s a puzzle without a correct answer but you keep trying to work it out anyway! It was useful having the basic Nordic triangles layout as a guide but even so, getting the flow of the rainbow spectrum was a bit of a headache!

Rainbow half square triangles nordic triangles quilt

Once I had it all arranged I thought it would be plain sailing, but I must confess I did make a lot of mistakes. The seam ripper was my friend during this process as I attached a lot of pieces the wrong way up and had to unpick them and start again. Because it all looks the same it’s really easy to lose track of which edge is meant to line up with which and I definitely feel victim to this!

The back

I had bought this beautiful rose gold polka dot fabric from John Lewis for the back. It was the end of the bolt and there wasn’t quite enough for the whole back. Luckily as I’d over made HSTs for the top I was able to make a sash row to lengthen it a bit and then made a second rainbow row using other off cuts. I really like how this worked out in the end, and I love that the back is pieced as well.

Cats quilting
Bruce ‘helping’ to quilt as usual

Again, inspired by Lemony Quilts I took her advice and used a yellow thread for the actual quilting and she is right, it’s just the perfect colour to work on almost any background. I didn’t like how it looked against the metallic rose gold, so used a white bobbin thread so the yellow only came through on the top of the quilt. Really happy with the final result and will definitely make another Nordic triangles quilt. I really like how versatile the pattern is and how the bold graphic use of the white keeps it modern, even when using florals and other prints.

Pieced quilt back half square triangles
Pieced back with scrappy rainbow ‘extensions’ so the rose gold polka dot would be large enough.

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