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Suzy Quilts – Modern fans quilt pattern

Another friend was expecting a baby and so playmat construction began once again. I gave her a few hashtags to follow on Instagram to find the design and layout she liked the best. She fell in love with the Suzy Quilts modern fans pattern – excellent taste – and so decision was made.

One of the many lovely things about collaborating with a friend on a sewing project is sharing the joy of fabric shopping. And finding someone who else who will have very strong opinions on mental hair-splitting decisions such as whether you can have two different triangle prints next to one another. Or whether the sloth print and the dog print can go next to each other – or does that become a mixed zoo metaphor that will confuse the baby? These are obviously VERY important decisions to be made, and it’s lovely to have a ‘client’ to discuss this all with. Rachel and Chris have a beautiful golden doodle so the yellow dog print suited them really well, as well as a medley of triangles, sloths and whales!

Fabric pull for Suzy Quilts Modern Fan baby quilt

I was a little hesitant about quilting in circles, one of the things I love most about piecing is cutting crisp, clean lines with my ruler and this seemed altogether more complicated. I have to admit however, that this quilt is fantastic for us sewists who love both quilting and dressmaking. If you’ve sewn any garments, curved lines aren’t such a big deal and Suzy’s pattern is so well thought out that it all comes together quite quickly and easily once you get going.

Baby brains and quilt maths don’t mix!

The most complicated part was deciding the layout and working out how many of each piece to cut. Note to self – do not let two third trimester pregnant women be responsible for quilt maths! Luckily a third non-baby-brained friend appeared to take over this aspect, however this was after we had already cut enough of the three block strips for a king sized version of the quilt! (More on this later)

There is also the added mental challenge of best planning cutting layouts which are suggested for 42” wide fabric when you have 60” wide fabric, but as Rachel massively over ordered on fabric – which is not a bad thing! – it meant there was enough left over to make a matching scrappy tote – using the free Blueprint pattern.

Bluprint scrappy quilted tote bag made with quilt off cuts

No self respecting new Mum should be seen out the house without a matching quilt and bag combo! This was also great for using up the excess ‘B block’ segments which we’d cut and a great opportunity to use a bit more of the jungle print fabric. This is the second time I’ve made this bag and it’s a really nice sew, comes together really quickly and looks really effective.

The quilting…

Wanted to keep the quilting loose so the playmat stayed nice and squishy, plus the Poly blend batting has a great loft so I didn’t want to crush it. Got a new walking foot for Christmas (always buy the branded version, my generic one died a horrible death – the Janome one is excellent) and had a spectacular morning on Christmas day playing with my new toy and quilting these circles.

Finally the quilt was bound with the yellow triangles to add more mustard to the proceedings and dutifully hand sewn while watching far too much Christmas telly!

Hope baby R enjoys his new quilt!

Suzy Quilts modern fans baby cot quilt

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