Sew your own way

We all have too much stuff, and in a world of ‘fast fashion’, it’s easy to fill your wardrobe with unworn, impulse purchases.

In an effort to reduce both spending and environmental impact, I set myself the challenge of not buying any new clothes. If I wanted something new – I would have to make for myself. Having only started sewing in March this was a slightly daunting prospect, but one filled with possibility.

I’ve enjoyed making wardrobe staples, such as dungarees and pinafore dresses. High waisted shorts have become a particular favourite pattern, as I never find shorts that fit quite the way I want them too, and of course, this fantastic weather has called out for a sundress to drink gin and tonics in. This sewing spree has also helped to channel some of that holiday countdown excitement into something productive.

Something snugly for the plane…

Comfort and warmth are key for flights, particularly long haul and so I opted for this cord pinafore with big pockets and a comfy fit. The pattern is the much talked about Tilly and the Buttons Cleo. I’ve made this version slightly longer so it sits just above the knee. The black corduroy was a bargain from Victoria Market in Nottingham (£7 a metre). Luckily the fabric is wide enough so you only need 1m if you don’t mind making the inner facings out of something else.  I used a scrap of some yellow polka dot fabric for the lining – it’s always nice to have a fun lining. The long sleeved top is from the Joules, and the gold buttons are from John Lewis.

Something fabulous for cocktails…

I love this orange polka dot fabric, it just feels like summer when you wear it, and the wooden buttons are just the best. The pattern is a fun sew but it is A LOT of button holes so – be prepared. I had to line the skirt because the fabric was a bit see through, this was my first attempt at lining and i’m pretty happy with the result.

The fabric was from The Sewing Box in Carlton, Nottingham. The buttons were from Victoria Market and the pattern is the Tilly and the buttons Seren.

Something practical for sightseeing…

I’ve wanted a two piece outfit for ages and never found one that was quite right. This combo of the Megan Nielson Flint shorts with a hacked Tilly and the Buttons Stevie top, is cute, practical and so seaside! The Flint shorts are such a great make and are a sort of combo between a wrap around and a button fastening so no messing about with zips. I love the tailoring of the pleats and the pockets are massive so it’s super practical.

To hack Stevie tee into a crop I took a good 6 inches off the t-shirt length and then drafted the ties using an existing tie top as a guide. Et voila!

Fabric is from Dunelm.

and the shorts so great, I made them twice…

The Flint shorts pattern is just brilliant! If you play around with the pattern pieces you can (just) fit it on a 1m length of 150cm wide fabric, so it’s great for scraps. I deliberately overbought this fabulous tie die purple (also from The Sewing Box) so I would have enough and they turned out great. Have honestly lived in these shorts this summer.

That’s a wrap on my summer wardrobe makes, until next time.

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